Tuesday, April 12, 2016


It has been quite a while since i have posted here, I wanted to share an update with you all. No worries, it is not a book's worth, lol

SO with close to my heart and crafting, has been super busy in my local town. We have a thriving Scrapbook Club, monthly classes and just having a crafting night about once a month.

Also i have been getting really busy with Comic book Convention season starting soon. I also spend a lot of time doing Cosplay Photography, check the tab above to see a few pictures, i am also working hard on that blog too.

If by chance you stopped to see this, thank you and to new friends, thank you for finding me. Please look forward to new art work, kits and classes for local to the YEG area.

Alrighty now we are done with that, on to some artwork!

Those might have been pre-views from the NEW Seasonal Expression 2 Available on May 1st. Join my newsletter Right here! - Sign up Form 

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