Thursday, September 05, 2013

Videos for your enjoyment!

Here is a collection of videos that are from Close to my Heart, Keep scrolling down so you can see an amazing deal to get a huge stamp set for $10 and there are other videos that i think you might like, if you do let me know! 
First up this is awesome hostess only stamp do not need to have a gathering if you don't want to, i have many options for you to choose from. 

This video shows all the different kind of stamp sets we carry for you!

Did you know we now carry Base and Bling? what is it? it is a base where YOU design Jewelry, check out the video to see it!

This is the September Stamp of the Month!!! i am so stinking excited to start using these new kind of stamps.

Here is that National Stamping month's set!!! 3 sets for $10!!

Frames taken to a New level! who knew how cool this can be.

Thanks for watching! Tomorrow's post is all about ARTBOOKING!!!

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