Friday, April 12, 2013

Join my TEAM!! Everyone is Welcome!

You can get a try me box (close to my heart) only $49! you will get $155 of products that you can use!

We call this try me box! you can buy the kit, try it out for 6 month (with support and training) and if you make your quarterly minimums, you drop to jr consultant, if you dont `want to make your quarterly minimums again then you just drop out and you can always sign up again if you want. you keep everything in the box. :-)

Whether you like to be a "hobbyist" for a discount in the highest quality scrapbooking supplies or be a business builder to make extra money, i would LOVE to have you on my team! 

APRIL SPECIAL you will receive 4 stamp of the month stamp sets for FREE that is over $200 for $49. 
We have monthly meetings that are creative and fun! 
leave me your info and i can contact you asap!

*May* we will have a paper pack for free if you sign up then :-)
you can upgrade your try me box..ask me how!

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