Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tippy of the week #3

It's Tippy Day!! I went to visit a new friend Carina from paperjunky today we were talking about stamping. of course :)
i got to thinking, most people just have their paper and just go head and stamp the image, easy peasy no fuss. i have been asked many time so here you go! If you used the handy foam insert that comes with ALL of our CTMH stamps under your paper that your stamping, the image will become much crisper. this work very well with the large surface stamps.
here is what i do to get that perfect crystal clear image
1. place the foam under the paper your stamping
2. put the stamp on my CLEAN acrylic block (spritz and scrubber)
3. tap, tap, twist, twist, tap tap the stamp on the ink stamp pad
4. place the stamp on the paper stright down..DONT rock it.
5. peel it off and wow!! perfect!
DONT forget to season ALL your stampes before using. the instructions for that is included with all your CTMH stamp sets or just ask me and i can let you know.

Events coming up:
-Next EOTM Club -August 25th 12-5pm -2 spots left!
-Next WOTG scrapbook layout (Dakota) register before September 3rd workshop September 28th
-Birthday Bonanza Open House -September 2nd 11am-5pm (yep its my bday)
-Sept EOTM Club -September 29th 12-5pm