Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tippy of the week #2

What do you do with all the cards you receive through out the year?
throw them away after a little while, keep them until your drawer is busting at the seams. We kept them for a little while..then out in the blue bin for recyling.

Not anymore, let me show you how.

A very nice tip i found on the web (cant remember where, sorry), take each card you got, hole puch it once, twice or my favorite 3 time down one side. take loose binder rings and put on in each hole. Then when ever you receive a new card, hole punch it and there you have a table book for all to enjoy and you get to perserve your memories.

when your finished yours, take a picture..send them to me and i can post them!
you can find these in any office supply place or you can buy them from me for $2.00 (plus shipping) i will send you some nice ribbon to tie on the rings for embellishments.

Perfect Memories!
got a tip you want to share, write in and i can post them for you!

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