Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its Your Day...Double stamp set for $5

Today is Tippy day but before i give you that you must check out this short video, it all about the new Stamp set you get get for only $5!!!
September is National Stamping Month!!!
it is a really good deal and if your one of the lucky ones who got dotty for you during the National Scrapbooking month in May this set can be matched very well. You can see this stamp at my Birthday Bonanza
im ordering that right now, i cant wait!! 
From August 15th to September 30th 2012.

Ok back to the tippy!
today tippy is about our wonderful My Acrylic stamps. you know that wonderful foam piece that comes with every stamp set..even the wee little petite perks (ask me how to get the fall/winter 2012 one) comes with one.
Place it under your paper that your going to be stamping, by using the thin piece of foam it will make all your stamped images crisp and clear. never rock your stamp back and forth it will blur your image, just press down firmly :)
do you have a tip to share? email it or post in the comments. thanks and we will see you all soon.

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