Friday, August 31, 2012

Patterns from the Heart

Hi everyone! check out my new blog look, Carina from paperjunky re-did this entire blog and it looks great! 

Only a few more days until Dakota registration is finished so make sure you order it soon! 

here is a new video from CTMH from our new book called Make it from the Heart. 
in the next few days i will be posting Paper Candies that i did for a swap. I used Clementine paper pack and of course my cricut cartridges (Artiste and AP), What are paper will have to wait until the next post..hehe 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cricut Artiste

This is my new toy. if your a cricut lover then this is the most amazing cartridge yet. here is a short video showing you how easy it is to make these very detailed projects. Stay tuned for some Ap & Artiste cricut classes.
i Loves these videos from CTMH, fun and short.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tippy of the week #3

It's Tippy Day!! I went to visit a new friend Carina from paperjunky today we were talking about stamping. of course :)
i got to thinking, most people just have their paper and just go head and stamp the image, easy peasy no fuss. i have been asked many time so here you go! If you used the handy foam insert that comes with ALL of our CTMH stamps under your paper that your stamping, the image will become much crisper. this work very well with the large surface stamps.
here is what i do to get that perfect crystal clear image
1. place the foam under the paper your stamping
2. put the stamp on my CLEAN acrylic block (spritz and scrubber)
3. tap, tap, twist, twist, tap tap the stamp on the ink stamp pad
4. place the stamp on the paper stright down..DONT rock it.
5. peel it off and wow!! perfect!
DONT forget to season ALL your stampes before using. the instructions for that is included with all your CTMH stamp sets or just ask me and i can let you know.

Events coming up:
-Next EOTM Club -August 25th 12-5pm -2 spots left!
-Next WOTG scrapbook layout (Dakota) register before September 3rd workshop September 28th
-Birthday Bonanza Open House -September 2nd 11am-5pm (yep its my bday)
-Sept EOTM Club -September 29th 12-5pm

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its Your Day...Double stamp set for $5

Today is Tippy day but before i give you that you must check out this short video, it all about the new Stamp set you get get for only $5!!!
September is National Stamping Month!!!
it is a really good deal and if your one of the lucky ones who got dotty for you during the National Scrapbooking month in May this set can be matched very well. You can see this stamp at my Birthday Bonanza
im ordering that right now, i cant wait!! 
From August 15th to September 30th 2012.

Ok back to the tippy!
today tippy is about our wonderful My Acrylic stamps. you know that wonderful foam piece that comes with every stamp set..even the wee little petite perks (ask me how to get the fall/winter 2012 one) comes with one.
Place it under your paper that your going to be stamping, by using the thin piece of foam it will make all your stamped images crisp and clear. never rock your stamp back and forth it will blur your image, just press down firmly :)
do you have a tip to share? email it or post in the comments. thanks and we will see you all soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stepping Up Your Stamping

Time for another great video from CTMH, this video shows WOTG kits that we will be making this fall/winter 2012. Join me on September 2 2012 for my Birthday Bonanza Open House, where i can show you the latest in papercrafts.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

*NEW* Datoka is coming to town. (DATE CHANGE)

September's WOTG is Dakota. This paper can be used so many way, western, christmas, coordinate to your halloween layouts card. If your in calgary and went to the Stampede, this paper works like a dream. It is already coordinated and we will learn how to make 3d stars out of a flat stamped star. Join me on September 28st at 5pm to create 3 layouts (6 pages). Info is on the right and payment is due September 5. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Queen Noreen!!

i was going to save this until Sunday but it just can not wait. check out this video! this is just too much fun!
it really shows that Close To My Heart really does care for their consultants. Congrats Noreen!!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Birthday Bonanza Open House!!

Hi! i have fun news, it is going to be my Birthday on Sept 2nd and well since 30's have been good to me, i want to start 31's with a bang so i am having an open house at my house on Sept 2nd from 11am-5pm
we are going to....
-have a few make n takes
-show you a few things from the new Idea book
-have refreshments
-a game or 2
-door prizes!!!!
-A change to get your brand new idea book.
Stay for an hour or 5 it is up to you.

i will need your rsvp by Aug 29, i can wait!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tippy of the week #2

What do you do with all the cards you receive through out the year?
throw them away after a little while, keep them until your drawer is busting at the seams. We kept them for a little while..then out in the blue bin for recyling.

Not anymore, let me show you how.

A very nice tip i found on the web (cant remember where, sorry), take each card you got, hole puch it once, twice or my favorite 3 time down one side. take loose binder rings and put on in each hole. Then when ever you receive a new card, hole punch it and there you have a table book for all to enjoy and you get to perserve your memories.

when your finished yours, take a picture..send them to me and i can post them!
you can find these in any office supply place or you can buy them from me for $2.00 (plus shipping) i will send you some nice ribbon to tie on the rings for embellishments.

Perfect Memories!
got a tip you want to share, write in and i can post them for you!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Space Party!!!

i Love this New idea! the Artisite is proven to impress everyone. i am thinking about doing this for Lukas's birthday this October. what do you like about it? would you change anything?
so much fun!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Free Demask bag

There's still time to get this fabulous bag and $130 in awesome NEW Close To My Heart Producta for only $49! And, yes, it is SO ok if you never do anything with it. You will get a 22% discount on all your purchases through December 2012. If you have questions shoot me a message or call me!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Tippy of the week!

Dont forget when your taking the pictures to jot down your memories and feelings. The pictures last for ever but with out journaling the feelings are not the same. Enjoy the moment!